October 22 2005

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October 22nd, 2005 (October 22 2005)EventTropical Storm Alpha forms in the Atlantic Basin, making the 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season the most active Atlantic hurricane season on record with 22 named storms.
October 22nd, 2005 (October 22 2005)DeathArman, French-born artist (born in 1928)
October 22nd, 2005 (October 22 2005)DeathTony Adams, Irish film producer (born in 1953)
October 22nd, 2005 (October 22 2005)DeathFranky Gee, American singer (Captain Jack) (born in 1962)
October 22nd, 1995 (October 22 1995)DeathSir Kingsley Amis, English writer (born in 1922)
October 22nd, 1985 (October 22 1985)BirthZachary Hanson, American musician (Hanson)
October 22nd, 1985 (October 22 1985)DeathViorica Ursuleac, Romanian soprano (born in 1894)
October 22nd, 1975 (October 22 1975)BirthMartin Cardetti, Argentine footballer
October 22nd, 1975 (October 22 1975)BirthMichel Salgado, Spanish footballer
October 22nd, 1965 (October 22 1965)BirthJohn Wesley Harding, American musicianJohn Wesley Quotes
October 22nd, 1965 (October 22 1965)BirthOtis Smith, American football player
October 22nd, 1945 (October 22 1945)BirthLeslie West, American musician
October 22nd, 1945 (October 22 1945)BirthSheila Sherwood, British long jumper
October 22nd, 1945 (October 22 1945)BirthYvan Ponton, Canadian actor and television host
October 22nd, 1935 (October 22 1935)EventEstablishment of the rank of Marshal of the Soviet Union.
October 22nd, 1935 (October 22 1935)BirthAnn Rule, American true-crime writer
October 22nd, 1935 (October 22 1935)DeathKomitas, Armenian composer (born in 1869)
October 22nd, 1925 (October 22 1925)BirthRobert Rauschenberg, American painter and graphic artist
October 22nd, 1905 (October 22 1905)BirthJoseph Kosma, Hungarian-born composer (died in 1969)
October 22nd, 1895 (October 22 1895)EventIn Paris an express train overruns a buffer stop and crosses more than 30 metres of concourse before plummeting through a window at Gare Montparnasse.
October 22nd, 1875 (October 22 1875)EventFirst telegraphic connection in Argentina.
October 22nd, 1865 (October 22 1865)BirthKristjan Raud, Estonian painter (died in 1943)
October 22nd, 1755 (October 22 1755)DeathElisha Williams, American rector of Yale College (born in 1694)
October 22nd, 1625 (October 22 1625)DeathKikkawa Hiroie, Japanese politician (born in 1561)
October 22nd, 1575 (October 22 1575)EventFoundation of Aguascalientes.
October 22nd, 1565 (October 22 1565)DeathJean, Vicomte d Aguisy Grolier de Servieres, French bibliophile (born in 1479)

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